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Bodylastics Review

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If you’re skeptical about Bodylastics and are wondering whether it’d really help you burn fat, build muscle and get that sexy body that you dream off, I strongly encourage you to read every single word on the following page.

Bodylastics – An Introduction

Bodylastics is an ultra effective resistance bands system which is an affordable alternative to most of the traditional home gym set ups and fitness equipment. The resistance bands are manufactured out of elastic tubing. The system can give you a total body workout anytime, anywhere.

Bodylastics has grown in popularity over the last few years mainly because of it’s effectiveness. It is a top choice for many athletes. Baseball coaches, Basketball coaches, Martial artists highly recommend this system.

Unlike other resistance bands systems, the Bodylastics system is unique. Most of the bands you find in the marketplace snap too early, allow you to perform only a limited set of exercises and can provide you only a certain level of resistance.

It’s not the case with the Bodylastics System. The system has five key features which sets it apart from the crowd and making it the industry leader when it comes to resistance band home gyms.

5 Things You Must Know About The Bodylastics Home Gym:

Elastic Tubing

The elastic tubing in these bands is smooth and consistent. It isn’t like other resistance bands which tear with use. The bands make use of D.G.S (Digital Governor Safety) technology which makes the bands 99% snap resistant. This is something you wouldn’t find in not a single resistance band.

With the D.G.S technology coupled with smooth and consistent resistance, you can workout safely without fearing that the band might snap and hurt you in the eye or elbow.

Working out with any form of resistance band can be dangerous because if you overstretch it. If it snaps when you have stretched it too much, you’ll get seriously hurt during the rebound. Such injuries can be fatal.

Bodylastics with it’s D.G.S technology provides a life time guarantee on it’s resistance bands which is unheard off in the fitness industry. Not a lot of products in the home gym industry really offer a life time replacement warranty.

But you’ll be able to get a replacement for any set of Bodylastics bands that snaps which only proves that these bands snap very rarely.

Quick Clip System

When the Quick Clip System was introduced by Bodylastics in the late 90s, it took the resistance band world by storm. It was something really unique on the market.

Earlier, most people would never chose resistance bands despite of their effectiveness because it wasn’t easy to increase the resistance levels as you’d be able to do it with the free weights and other machines.

The Quick Clip System allowed one to attach multiple bands and increase their resistance level effortlessly. You will get a great deal of resistance because you can actually attach more than just 7 bands to each handle.

As a result, you can generate anywhere between 5 pounds to as much as 380 pounds of resistance with this system. So it doesn’t matter what fitness level you are in.

You can get a challenging and a very effective workout with the Bodylastics system regardless of whether you are beginner, intermediate or a professional body builder.

Door Anchor

The door anchor allows you to attach any set of bands to a closeable door and perform just about any exercise. It becomes a perfect affordable and light alternative for all kinds of expensive gym equipment.

Most door anchors with other manufacturers can damage your door. But Bodylastics resistance bands provide consistent resistance. Therefore, the likelihood of damage to your door is very rare.


Bodylastics is the most versatile resistance band system on the market. With these set of resistance bands, you can replicate over 140 health club exercises which will build muscle and burn fat.

Being able to do over 140 exercises ensures that you won’t feel bored by doing the same workout. It provides variation for your body and becomes very challenging as you continuously do it.

The problem with gym training is that you mainly workout with free weights and certain machines. As a result, your body gets used to a particular way of moving your muscles. This is ineffective if you want better and faster results.

Your muscles need to be attacked in every single manner in order for them to grow fast. With these 140 exercises, you can target any muscle group in your body.

The sum is always greater than the parts. Working out the entire body ensures quicker and faster growth.

This makes it a REAL home gym. All home gyms are designed to workout all the key muscle groups in your body. But with these bands, you can target every single muscle group and get a more effective workout.

All other home gyms terribly fail at this and this makes Bodylastics a competitor to many of the standard home gyms.


This is one of the biggest benefits of the Bodylastics bands. These bands are light-weight and compact. You can put them in a bag and carry it around wherever you want.

Ever wondered how you are going to workout when you are on an office trip or a vacation? Well… you can do so with these bands.

It’s a home gym that you can take anywhere you want which produces results.

Bodylastics Success Stories

There are plenty of people who have used Bodylastics to build a world-class physique they’ve always dreamed off. A total transformation is possible with this system if anyone is willing to work at it.

Click here to read more success stories of Bodylastics

Bodylastics Review Conclusion

We’d like to conclude by saying that Bodylastics is a great home gym that delivers results if anyone’s ready to put in the work necessary.

If you want to build muscle or burn fat, these bands are the way to go. They’ll change your life if you are willing to put in the work. Nothing happens overnight. It takes time.

You can have that sexy beach body that you dream off. You’ll be able to spark the interest of the opposite sex within seconds if you workout with the Bodylastics system consistently for a month or more.

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Jim McGuire April 4, 2012 at 9:23 pm

Wednesday, 4/04/2012, 11:20 AM (HST)

Bodylastics Customer Service,

Almost a year ago, I purchased a Bodylastics Max Tension System — 134 lbs. With that system, a sheet headed “STRENGTH BAND UNIVERSITY SBU ONE YEAR FREE TUITION” was included. That sheet must be somewhat out-of-date at this point because my copy reads “Congratulations! You qualify for one year of free tuition to strengthbanduniversity.com. To begin using the site go to strengthbanduniversity.com and click on the “members login” link at the top of the page. When the login window pops up, enter the temporary login information below. You will then be prompted to create a new username and password.” Below those lines are a “Temporary Username” and a “Temporary Password”.

However, when I go to strengthbanduniversity.com, that page does not include any “members login” link at the top of the page or anywhere else on the page. So, I do not know how I can proceed from here to take advantage of my “ONE YEAR FREE TUITION”. Please advise me by return email.

Thank you,
Jim (or James) McGuire
email address: kuvera@hawaiiantel.net
mailing address: HCR1 Box 5792, Keaau, Hawaii 96749
physical address: 16-1711 40th Avenue, Keaau, Hawaii

admin April 9, 2012 at 2:39 pm


I have contacted Bodylastics Customer Service. They should have contacted you. I haven’t received any communication from them. It could be because of the easter holidays. But here’s the thing: StrengthBandUniversity.com was discontinued a while ago. That’s what I know of Bodylastics.

LiveExercise.com is the channel they use for all their training programs. The account is 100% free and you can just sign up. When Bodylastics started out, they were offering DVD programs which had to be purchased separately. Then they moved it to strengthbanduniversity. After that, they made a move to LiveExercise and Youtube.

If you check their Youtube channel or LiveExercise website, you should be able to see all the videos. The no. of videos on youtube is limited though.

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